8 Ways To Make Extra Cash

Life is all about experience, and if there is one way to maximize your experiences in life, the best way to do so is by maximizing the girth of your bank account. Unfortunately for most people, the life experience of being broke is keeping most of us from venturing out and experiencing most of what life has to offer. So I decided to share a few tips on how you can easily make a few bucks here and there to get a little more thickness in your wallet. More than likely, you will not become rich following these tips, but you may be able to accumulate enough money to treat yourself to a new experience later down the road.

1. Demand a Raise.

Now if there is one thing I should have made clear by now, it’s that I HATE working for other people. It makes my skin crawl knowing that my financial independence is dependent on someone signing a piece of paper with an amount THEY feel I deserve; because of this, regardless of the fairness of the wage, most of us wouldn’t even consider asking our employers for more money before our yearly performance review.

But my mother always told me, “A closed mouth don’t get fed” – so, if you know you’re work is worth more than you’re being compensated with, open your mouth and DEMAND a raise.

Now when I say “DEMAND”, I don’t mean that you should strut into your boss’ office, sit in their chair with your feet on their desk, and demand to be paid more – I can pretty much guarantee, by doing so, that you will be paid much less. However, if you approach your employer with a solid argument highlighting your strengths and value within the company, you may just find yourself with a little extra cash each month to treat yourself.

Click Here and try this tool offered by Clark.com in order to figure out if you’re being paid what you you’re worth.

2. Find a New Job.

If you’ve asked your boss for a well-deserved raise, and that bastard shot you down, then it’s time to pack your bags and switch teams like LeBron and take your skills and talents elsewhere. Here’s the deal, there are far too many jobs out there looking for talented and qualified individuals (such as yourself) than for you to be underappreciated at your current job.

Be sure to revamp your resume and take your time looking for a more rewarding job. You are already currently employed, so you shouldn’t pressure yourself to rush this process. Make sure that you are receiving feedback from job that are a clear step-up from your current position. Only accept lateral positions if your current workplace environment causes stress or tension.

Also, make sure that you follow the proper protocol, as specified by your job, for resignation; this is typically achieved by submitting a letter of resignation to both your direct superior and to your Human Resource Department at least 2 weeks in advanced (the sooner in advanced the better).

However, if you hate your boss (and don’t mind ruffling feathers), a letter to the HR Department will suffice… although, if you hate everyone at the job, and don’t mind burning a bridge or two – just leave when you feel like it and let them figure it out.

I know most of you will say that that last tidbit was bad advice, and that you should never burn a bridge pf employment – but f*ck them, you should know me by now.

3. Become an Online Vendor with Craigslist or EBay

I am not a salesman. I couldn’t sell ice water to people in hell. That should put things in perspective for you in regards to my inability to effectively move products. This is why platforms such as EBay and Craigslist are ideal for those of us who want to sell a few items but aren’t sure how to begin.

It’s free and easy to set up an account on each platform, and once you’ve posted your items, customers in search of what you’re offering will come straight to you.

Craigslist is bare-bones and you must be careful when making sales on Craigslist because 90% of all transactions initiated through CL are made in person. Because of this, CL is best to use for item you wish to sell locally. There is no cost to list an item and CL does not take a commission.

EBay requires a little more work and effort on your part, and there is a small percentage fee taken from each successful sale. All listings are free up to 50 items, or unless it’s a big ticket item that exceeds $24,000. The great thing about EBay is that it gives its’ users detailed instructions on how to properly list, display, and competitively price your products based on what it has sold for recently. EBay also makes it easier to ship your product anywhere with its’ built-in shipping cost calculator that also allows you to print paid postage directly from the site using PayPal.

Using this method, I’ve made over $80 in 2 days selling old video games.

4. Sell Your Clothes to a Second-Hand Shop

Unless you’re like me and you only purchase new clothes once your old fits have become rags, then you might want to think about cleaning out your closet for a possible come-up. Just about every city and college town has a second-hand apparel store, such as Plato’s Closet, that will offer you money for your new or gently used clothes and accessories.

Now keep in mind, that these stores are looking for clothing and accessories that will still be considered “in-style”, so they may overlook those JNCO jeans you haven’t worn since the 6th grade. Also, their stores are looking to make a profit, so if you bring them a brand new item that you know is easily worth $100, you may only receive $10-$15 in exchange for that piece of clothing or accessory.

When you have brand new items, it really would be best to try to sell these items yourself online, or in person. I would only use this method, if you need some extra cash in the same day; it usually takes them an average of 1-2 hours to make a decision on the items you’re looking to sell.

5.Stop Spending Money on Cable

When I quit my job a few years ago we had to buckle down and reassess where we were spending our money on a monthly basis. We needed to cut down our expenses as much as possible and one way we achieved this was by getting rid of any expense that was unnecessary.

For example: our cable and internet bill was over $150 per month (with the discount package), and we certainly weren’t watching $150 worth of television. So we decided to invest $45 for a high powered digital antenna, and I went to one of our provider’s local locations to downgrade our service.


When you call a cable company over the phone they are guaranteed to have less information than if you spoke to a representative in person. Because the person over the phone is required to up-sale you at every turn, you can never be too sure that you are receiving the best deal.

When I spoke to a representative over the phone concerning my situation, I was told that after downgrading, I would only receive 50Mbs for $50 and would still have to pay a $24 equipment fee for the router/modem.

However, when I decided to return my items to my local store and downgrade there, not only did I receive 100Mbs for $49.99, the monthly equipment fee that I would have to pay was waived, and I was allowed to keep the remotes and HDMI cords that came with the cable boxes I returned.

Making the decision to make a trip directly to the provider not only saved me nearly $100 per month in cable bill, but it also rejuvenated my faith in cable television providers… I’m still not going to pay for it though (I’ve got a Fire Stick), but I’m glad they treated me like a valued customer.

6. Change Your Bank

I’ve only ever used this method once, but it was a good way to make a couple $100 in about a month worth of time.

All banks don’t treat their customers the same way (as can been seen with recent event surrounding Wells Fargo), because of this, you should shop around to see if you’re banking with the right company. Check your banking statement to see what type of fees you’re being charged (monthly, service, ATM, transfer, etc.) and then shop around to see if another bank has better rates or offers the service for free – this will definitely save you money during the long game.

However, even better, some banks offer cash bonuses just for opening an account with them that is linked to direct deposit. Usually these bonuses range anywhere from $50 to $300, so it’s a great idea to do a fair amount of research before you commit.

7. Sell Your Plasma

Plasma banks get a bad rap due to the locations and the type of people you can find in the front of the building at any given time (it’s a great place to find weed – so I’ve heard). However, you would be doing yourself a disservice, especially if you’re pressed for cash, to not utilize the gold that can be found in your veins.

A typical visit will only last a couple hours, and you’re generally compensated anywhere from $20 to $50 per visit. Generally speaking, the heavier you are, the more plasma you’ll be able to provide, which means you’ll be paid more for your donation.

You can donate twice per week, with a few days in between. If done every week, you can make anywhere between $2000 and $5200 per year.

8. App Based Rebates

We live in a consumer driven society, which mean that you’re always going to be spending money. The great thing about technology today is that there are hundreds of apps and online tools that are designed to help you get some of that money back.

Apps such as Ebates and Ibotta have really revolutionized the shopping industry by allowing their users to keep a little extra on the side after every purchase.

In fact, apps such as Ibotta (that boasts over 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store alone) will give you $5, cash, for every new user you invite to sign-up and use the app.

All you have to do is scan in your receipt using your camera on your phone, and specify which items you bought that have an available rebate, and it will be deposited into your account. Most rebated range from .25 cents to $4, so making enough money to cash out ($20.00) is not difficult to do.

If you have never heard of or used Ibotta before, please click here to sign-up!

Psst: Don’t forget to use my promo code (iotkrwr) to receive $10 cash on your first confirmed entry!



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